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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on Connie and Fletcher's recent sales. The Marin Market seems hotter than ever in the 8-1.5 million range. We've had multiple offers and over asking on all of our recent single family sales.
5 Greenfield Court, San Anselmo recently sold for 1,081, more

Jun 20, 2016 Fletcher Irwin -

Connie Irwin and Fletcher Irwin sold 22 homes in Marin in 2015.  That brings them within striking distance of 500 homes sold in Marin in 2016. more

Jan 15, 2016 Fletcher Irwin -
19 Curtis Avenue, San Rafael

Welcome to sun and classic charm of the mid 30’s influenced by hints of art deco design!  The spacious living room is a designer’s dream with peaked ceilings and charming windows! Out the kitchen window is a view of Mt Tam! Situated on a magical street where most of the more

Sep 23, 2015 Fletcher Irwin -


This article is in progress...more to come!

Waterfront homes in Marin aren't always on the Bay or Ocean.  There are several man made lagoons in Marin.   We have represented two sales in the last several weeks on two different man made lagoons in Marin.  One in Bel Marin more

Jun 17, 2015 Fletcher Irwin -

The first gem of the week (ending March 15) is Ann Murphy's 29 Birch Street in Mill Valley.  This is a fantastic gem with all kinds of built ins, nooks, and details.  As is often when you are viewing a great home with other agents you will hear the mutterings of charming, charming, more

Mar 16, 2015 Fletcher Irwin -
This is carrara marble, soft, matte, warm, inviting, and porous.This is calacatta gold marble, beautiful, thick this one has a gloss finish sealant.This is mountain danby marble.  One of the least expensive counter options, but has much more grey veins than other marbles so definitely inspect your slab.Marble.Corian counter tops in the kitchen can look good as we see here with white.  Some corian is a bit beige though so be careful.This is dolomite a beautiful granite that looks like marble.  Notice though that it is glossy, busier, more grey but also much more durable, non porous, and easy to care for.This is princess white quartzite.  Beautiful alternative to marble and much more durable.  This is an example of a granite slab that looks marble.  Granite can still look good.This is an example of Quartz.This is a soap stone obviously dark counter top that works well in our theme of white kitchens

What kind of countertop do you want for your kitchen?  What kinds of counterops go great in white kitchens?  What kind of counterops look like white carrera marbe?  It's a complicated area with lots of options.  In this article we will try and answer these questions.  White kitchens are all more

Feb 27, 2015 Fletcher Irwin -